10 Features of Dell EMC Data Domain

A Dell EMC Data Domain is a data deduplication storage system. This development began with the founding of Data Domain and has since then continued with the company’s acquisition by EMC Corporation and later on EMC merged with Dell to form Dell EMC.

Below are the 10 features of Dell EMC Data Domain that you should be knowing

It’s Fast :
The backup speed is up to 68 TB/hr of Dell EMC Data Domain Stream-Informed Segment Layout (SISL) and Dell EMC Data Domain Boost technology. This is 1.5 times faster than the closest competitor.

Data protection :
It is always a better option to have backups and storage for the last resort. With inline data verification, continuous fault detection and self-healing, Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the industry’s best defense against data integrity issues, period.

Reduce storage footprint significantly :
The data domain variable-length segmentation will provide the highest deduplication rates which in less storage required and hence it would require a smaller footprint for data protection. When it comes to advanced deduplication, it means higher effective scalability, less infrastructure for managing and less WAN bandwidth would be used for replication. In other words, it means that domain’s deduplication will help in minimizing the cost and complexity in your environment.

Cloud compatible :
The TCO is lowered by simple and efficient cloud tiering of long term data retention. With the help of Dell EMC Data Domain Cloud Tier, Data Domain are the protected storage for natively tier deduplicated data to the public and for long term retention private or hybrid cloud. This means that you can move the data very seamlessly and securely from the Data Domain to the cloud, with no separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance would be required.

Disaster recovery that works :
There should not be afterthought for replication. Data Domain systems are such that they provide network-efficient replication and one can use the existing networks for minimizing the WAN costs. As soon as the data lands on Data Domain, one can immediately start replicating data to the disaster recovery site. The cross-site deduplication helps only the unique data across any WAN segments which will reduce the WAN bandwidth requirements up to 99%.

Monster scalability :
What would you prefer managing one deduplication system or 20? Scalability is an important aspect as it means having simpler management and data center floor space. The Data Domain systems can now scale & manage up to 3 PB of usable capacity with a single system.

Protection storage as a service :
With the help of secure multi-tenancy, Data Domain can help deliver data protection as a service in a private or hybrid cloud. With the help of secure tenant data is only visible and accessible to each individual tenant. This Data Domain will help in enabling both the large enterprises and service providers for engaging in cloud services.

Flexibility and investment protection :
The flexible designs provided by the Data Domain’s integrates with the leading backup, archive, enterprise, big data applications or directly with the primary storage. There are options that one can connect with like Fibre Channel or Ethernet and they can change later. There are many Data Domain systems which will allow you to upgrade the controller in the future for some high performance and scalability.

Available how you want it :
Irrespective of the environment, a Data Domain can provide you with all the security that you require. Right from the traditional Data Domain systems to new integrated VCE the Data Protection Appliance to software-defined DD Virtual Edition and data protection as a service.

It’s the market share leader :
The Data Domain systems are designed in such a way from the ground up to the storage of last resort in such ways which really matter, supporting the open systems, mainframes, I-series, Big Data, both public and private clouds. We can say that Dell EMC leads the protection storage market by a wide margin.
These are the top 10 features of Dell EMC. It is one of the leading Data Domain and has a great technology future.

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