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Digitalization today has made end users more influential and transformed the expectations of enterprises from IT. Automation and cloud technologies are no longer optional but are essential components of any business conversion. As businesses reinvent and renovate themselves, only the enterprises that can compete via technology modernization, acceleration and flexibility will endure. Gradually, IT Infrastructure is becoming more complex and process dependent. They are now expected to support businesses become agile, secure, service-oriented and proficient of delivering unified experiences to end users.


Softenger’s IT Infrastructure is optimized to adapt the extraordinary needs of enterprises for the digital era, while simultaneously delivering business value and outcomes. Our IT Infrastructure management services offers you the experience, talent and tools required to help you create, run and manage next-generation IT Infrastructure. Softenger’s IT Infrastructure management services has taken one of the most remarkable stand in the IT enterprise world.

Our services have proven the benefits to leader’s plan, design and implement the crucial IT Infrastructure for what comes next. We offer a wide range of IT Infrastructure services for our customers on site, helping them to solve the business challenges, acquire new skills and discover the best practices. Softenger also ensures easy and prompt access to statistics. We understand that on-demand access is central to your business enterprises in order to improve operations, enterprise growth and reduce risk. Our team is master in the evolving tools and techniques available. That’s why we can confidently offer cost- effective, efficient, customized service solutions to large enterprises for their mission, critical business applications and IT Infrastructure. With our top practices, virtuous governance, wide-ranging experience and commitment to your service quality, it has made us the GO TO partner for all the Infrastructure requirements to an extensive range of happy customers.


We deliver?

  • Traditional DC support services to manage Compute, Network and Security
  • Virtualization technologies: SDDC, Network and Storage Virtualization
  • Cloud management: Private and Public cloud technologies
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Devops Support
  • Database Management
  • Business Continuity Plan and Data Recovery Services
  • Back up Recovery and Archival Services
  • Compliance GRC Risk Management
  • Middleware Management Services
  • Tools Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Consulting Services for IT Infrastructure (Management, Migration, Transformation)
  • Data, Analytics and AI
  • Security and compliances
  • Server Management
  • IT Infrastructure Projects

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What makes

Us different?

  • Customer centric tactics with operational solutions to enhance performance, reduce risk diversity, ensure value formation and cost optimization.
  • Robust delivery structure and mature processes allows productive resource utilization, reduces person dependency, enables proactive resource planning and build abilities that increase delivery experience.
  • The exclusive ability to envision opportunities to automate existing systems for higher competences and deliver advanced process developments, new technologies or software.
  • Unique implementation by offering ease to boost up or scaling down of resources according to the business needs in a cost-effective manner.

Businesses must take benefit of the agility, security, haste and flexibility of their IT Infrastructure. Softenger IT Infrastructure Services helps you to manage this and grow your business rapidly.

We’ve Helped These Brands

With more than 25 years of global experience, Softenger provides Managed IT & Consulting services to 160+ large and mid-size enterprises.



At Softenger, we value our resources. We are committed to delivering quality resources who understand your company’s needs and assist you with service offerings. The practices and open policies that we follow, and our governance structure, translate into the commitment of the resources towards the client.

We ensure secure infrastructure, tactical cost optimization, better Return on Investment, and proper solutions catering to superlative customer experience.

We do remote network monitoring and management of the entire network, including all devices like routers, firewalls, VLANs, VPNs, etc.


Let's Disscuss

Protect your IT infrastructure at a cost-effective price

  • A single point of contact for multi-industry support.
  • Experts with over 20+ years of experience.
  • A true 24/7/365 support system.
  • Cost-effective partner with quality support.
  • Organized support with live analytics.
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