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Softenger Offers ‘Biz-Care’ a Business Application Support that provides: Global Coverage (24×7) & Scalable Support that offers Improved Customer Satisfaction, Cost Savings, ability to Repurpose in-house support teams for value added work, Knowledge management, Continuous Improvement and Rapid Issue Resolution, in Customizable Packages.

Does this sound

Like you?

Small or Mid-level Software Product Company with a Global Customer Base

Your Product is LIVE or Nearing Launch with Global Customers

You Aim to Have True, Dedicated 24*7 Support Capability

Undeserved by Established IT Service Providers For your Niche Product Support Needs


You Face

Every small or mid-level software product company aspires to expand its reach and cultivate a loyal customer base across various regions. The key to achieving this goal lies not only in delivering a remarkable product but, also in establishing an efficient and lightning-fast customer support system.

According to data, 83% of customers have expressed their loyalty to brands that respond promptly and effectively address their concerns. This statistic underscores the immense importance of a robust customer support framework. Customers expect quick solutions to their queries and timely resolutions to their issues, and it’s these aspects that often determine their loyalty to a brand.

You find it difficult to create a true product support team due to

You find it difficult to create a true product support team due to

  • The niche nature of your product
  • Unavailability of skilled support resources coupled with high costs in local job markets
  • Being forced to use high-end talent (developers/R&D resources) to support existing customers

You aim to have a true, dedicated 24x7 support then

We Are Great Extension

At Softenger, we are thrilled to announce our latest offering tailored specifically for you – a comprehensive Niche Application/Product Support service. What sets us apart? Here’s the essence of what we bring to the table:

  1. In-Depth Training:
    We thoroughly understand your product.
  2. Swift L1 Support:
    Fast transition to L1 support frees up your developers.
  3. 24/7 Remote Presence:
    Our round-the-clock support is always ready.
  4. Robust Knowledge Management:
    Ensuring precise and timely assistance.
  5. Attrition Management:
    Zero impact on you with rehiring and retraining.
  6. Effective Governance:
    We use data to measure and improve service quality.
  7. Seamless Integration:
    Our support aligns perfectly with your organization.

Enhance your customer experience with Softenger by streamlining your application and product support pipeline.

How We can

Help you

With over 1200+ employees across India, Malaysia, and Singapore. Softenger has over two decades of experience managing IT services for over 20+ industries.

Softenger helps small and mid sized software product organizations to grab market share by working as a true 24/7/365 extension support partner for your business to manage your service support across the globe.

  • We can help you to reduce the more than 40% support the support load.
  • We can help as a true 24/7/365 support partner by working on US holidays and nighttime.
  • Softenger reduces infrastructure costs by over 30% for partners through its economical IT support.
  • Our team can manage multi-industry support.
  • We are able to take 97%+ of your support ticket Load.


We Support

Softenger provides true 24/7/365 internationally Managed IT Services, IT Service Support, Cloud & Database Management & Support, and Cybersecurity to partner organizations.

Oprateing System








SLA Based Managed
Service Contracts

We’ve Helped These Brands

With more than 25 years of global experience, Softenger provides Managed IT & Consulting services to 160+ large and mid-size enterprises.

Case Studies

Softenger provided 24×7 support to a software company with 200+ global customers, with a Level 2 team handling 98% of all customer issues with at 70% lower cost.

A cloud-based interactive employee training portal company, integrated software with a large entity with over 500,000 employees here softenger team developed the L1 and L2 support teams for a company to handle support, improving market share for the company

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At Softenger, we value our resources. We are committed to delivering quality resources who understand your company’s needs and assist you with service offerings. The practices and open policies that we follow, and our governance structure, translate into the commitment of the resources towards the client.

We ensure secure infrastructure, tactical cost optimization, better Return on Investment, and proper solutions catering to superlative customer experience.

Data Driven


At Softenger we believe in accountability and data-driven results. Softenger provides live tracking software to analyze support and ticket resolving rates.

  • Track every ticket in a single click.
  • Optimize your support speed by 60%.
  • Almost 0% of ticket dropouts.


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Dedicated 24×7 support capability while still maintaining a focus on product development

  • A single point of contact for multi-industry support.
  • Experts with over 20+ years of experience.
  • A true 24/7/365 support system.
  • Cost-effective partner with quality support.
  • Organized support with live analytics.
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