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TalentOrb is a modern age applicant tracking system that simplifies the hiring process, streamlines it and makes it efficient. It brings entire team on-board and helps you to make informed & data-driven decisions. We automate the hiring process and provides effective solutions to recruitment agencies, staffing companies, SMEs and large enterprises.

What is


TalentOrb features solutions such as Requisition Management, Candidate Management, Interviews & Assessments with features such as Offer Management, Paperless Documentation, BGV & Onboarding along with Job Board Integration, Resume Parsing, Profile Management, Performance Management, and Vendor Management.

With TalentOrb, Recruitment agencies & Staffing agencies, SMBs, and Large enterprises can improve their recruitment processes, reduce their dependency on third parties and automate hiring processes.

TalentOrb has helped customers manage 3 Lakh+ Candidates annually & streamlined their hiring processes, improving recruiting efficiency.

TalentOrb – A perfect solution to all the problems related to

Hiring Process

Softenger being part of this IT industry for the last two decades and is having expertise in providing quality IT and Application Support services for its worldwide customers. We know the importance of the recruitment function to any organization as it is a key driving element that decides its growth path and success over market competition.

Softenger has developed, “TalentOrb”, the Smart Applicant Tracking System which is built on the experience and needs of recruitment function to be efficient and productive. It is designed to provide the best recruitment experience and resolve complexities, and challenges faced in the overall process. It provides complete recruitment process lifecycle management from requisition creation to candidate selection to candidate onboarding.

  • Boost Recruitment Efficiency by 40%
  • Cut 50% Job Portal Dependency
  • Enhance Conflict Management by 80%
  • Slash Resource Tracking Efforts by 50%
  • Minimizing Hiring Costs up to 30-40%

Why is TalentOrb

first choice of the recruiters?

  • Workflow Management
  • Action-Based Dashboard
  • Robust Graphical Dashboard
  • Robust Communication Setup
  • Offer Management & Candidate Radar

Talentorb is one of the best hiring platforms which provides customized workflow management for hiring, Recruiters can create and process requisitions according to organization needs i.e. for internal hiring or external client hiring. The action-based dashboard and faster communication features of TalentOrb help recruiters manage to hire processes more effectively and efficiently in less time.

TalentOrb is designed and developed to help recruiters process recruitment/requisitions in minimum and bloat-free steps. This helps recruiters to analyze and take action on every step of recruitment.

Role Base Dashboard:
In TalentOrb Super Admin can assign multiple roles and responsibilities to single personnel as per the requirement.

Customized reports and graphical analytics:
TalentOrb’s advanced graphical data analysis dashboard helps recruiters validate talent management strategies that result in actionable decisions through insights and intelligence.

50% Reduction in Resource Tracking Efforts:
TalentOrb’s automated recruitment tracking system and graphical insights make it easy for the team to monitor candidates at each stage of the hiring process.

With TalentOrb, a team of recruiters and agencies can assign users based on their roles, enabling seamless workflows and easy communication with candidates and vendors via a multi-server email dashboard. (Communicate with candidates and vendors in a few clicks, and use customized e-mail templates to save time and enhance hiring performance.)

TalantOrb is enabled with an offer management module that offers users to manage and streamline a candidate’s offers track such as customized offer later creation with ready templates, Document Verification, and Email communication. (Candidate engagement is enhanced with a faster offer release process and paperless candidate documentation and communication within ATS through mail server integrations.)



At Softenger, we value our resources. We are committed to delivering quality resources who understand your company’s needs and assist you with service offerings. The practices and open policies that we follow, and our governance structure, translate into the commitment of the resources towards the client.

We ensure secure infrastructure, tactical cost optimization, better Return on Investment, and proper solutions catering to superlative customer experience.

We do remote network monitoring and management of the entire network, including all devices like routers, firewalls, VLANs, VPNs, etc.

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Automate Recruitment

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