Designing and deploying OpenStack 13 release for leading optical and digital solutions company

Client Background:
Client is leading optical and digital solutions company is the world’s largest integrated manufacturer of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, and data cable with facilities in India, China, Italy, and Brazil. They are a leader in network products, network services, and telecom software solutions. With a technology center in Ahmedabad, leading optical and digital solutions companyconducts extensive research on various technologies related to telecommunication networks.

Project Objective & Overview:
The main objective of this project was to transform the current platform into an industry-standard solution that would facilitate seamless integration. The project aimed to utilize existing hardware, implement a cost-effective solution with automation, and overcome operational challenges such as multiple management tools, greater provisioning time, inappropriate resource utilization, and lack of monitoring for resource aging and project-specific resource utilization

Softenger Contribution:
Softenger worked closely with client to design and implement the solution. Our team prepared a detailed Low-Level Design (LLD) and successfully implemented various components of OpenStack, including Director, Controller, Compute, Swift, Cinder, Ceilometer, Dashboard, Horizon, Keystone, and ManageIQ.

Barriers, Challenges, or Points of Learning Identified:
During the project, we encountered major challenges with the hardware. As the customer already had existing hardware, we needed to repurpose it for OpenStack. Additionally, the storage used for Cinder was not initially compatible with Red Hat HCI (Hyper Converge Infrastructure). However, our team successfully addressed these challenges by developing custom containers and Docker configurations to ensure compatibility with OpenStack 13.

By leveraging our expertise and collaborating closely with clients, we were able to design and deploy an OpenStack 13 release that met their requirements. The solution provided leading optical and digital solutions company with a highly available and on-demand infrastructure for their research activities, enabling their researchers to work efficiently and effectively.

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